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The Taube Center’s “Timeline” invites you to immerse yourself in a millennium of Jewish life in Poland. Highlighting major events, trends, and personalities, with beautiful visuals and a reader-friendly design, the Timeline provides a complex, yet concise introduction to Polish Jewish history.
Field Guide Jewish Warsaw, first published in 2012, gives you an opportunity to experience the Polish capital from the comfort of your own home, gain special insights from city insiders, and perhaps help you to prepare for a future visit.

If you would like to delve deeper into Polish Jewish history, find out why borscht is and isn’t a Jewish food, or more about Jewish life in Poland today, we invite you to purchase our e-publications.

These acclaimed educational resources provide visitors, educators, and enthusiasts with detailed information and personal insights. Written and edited by eminent scholars and researchers, the publications feature original maps and carefully curated images, which bring history and narratives to life.

The Taube Center currently offers two e-publications for purchase: 1,000 Years of Jewish Life in Poland. A Timeline, which is available in English, Hebrew, German, and Polish and a new, expanded 2021 edition of the Field Guide to Jewish Warsaw.

But, please leave space on your e-shelf as additional Field Guide editions will be available in 2022!